Rasāsvāda – Ruby Artemisia


A stimulating play of floral citrus, herbaceous bitterness, and tangy botanicals emulates the elegance and complexity of a classic aromatized bitter.

Many of the plants and herbs used to make Ruby Artemisia have been staple ingredients of herbal traditions for thousands of years, with some even predating written history. With uses in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and employed in medicinal practices across Ancient Roman, Greek, and Egyptian cultures, these ingredients have been perceived to help aid digestion, slow the aging process, improve complexion, fight fatigue and stress, and reduce bloating.



Purified Water, Ume Plum Syrup (Plum, Brown Sugar), Yunnan Pu’er Tea, Schisandra Berry, Lemon, Maqui Berry, Black Lemon, Oriental Raisin, Kurokoji Green Tea, Artichoke Leaf, Cinchona Bark, Damiana Leaf, Chrysanthemum, Red Wine Grape Skins, Roman Chamomile, Wormwood (Artemisia)
Product Details

Made in: New York City
ABV: 0%
Weight (per case): 1.65 lb
Storage: Shelf-Stable
Shelf Life: 1+ years